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by Ted Snyder

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About Me

     Ted Synder is a veteran author, singer, and songwriter. Ted presents The Neverland Rascals book series in collaboration with Sharon Espinosa (Writer), Andreea Diana (Illustrator) for a fun and exciting adventure for children.

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Read by Peter Baker from BBC and Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live.


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The Story of the Neverland Rascals​

     The Neverland Rascals book series feature exciting fun adventures for children! A new imagining of the magical world created by J.M. Barrie, The Neverland Rascals is about a group of lovable orphans, kicked out on the streets in old London in the 1800’s. The books detail their adventures as Tinkerbell brings them to their new home in Neverland. Each adventure teaches children a valuable life lesson while taking them on exciting journeys where something new and exciting is always happening with their games or pirates.

     Excellent art work enhances each story that features characters that kids will relate to and look forward to fall in love with. Follow their life adventures with each new book. The adventures will never end in Neverland.

     This fascinating book series contains exciting stories that teach children valuable lessons, such as tolerance and learning to work together as a team. While enjoying the new adventures of the Rascals in Neverland with Tinkerbell, kids will love story time as they fly through the galaxy to Neverland. The series features 13 new characters with distinct personalities that children relate to and care about.


Encouraging Imagination

Neverland Rascals is proud to be supported by some of today’s most respected professionals in the creative arts, like: Actress / Victoria Jackson of “Saturday Night Live”, Paul Van Camp / Movie Specialist, and Peter Rafelson / Producer, Song Writer. Each has shared their talents for the promotion of these beloved children’s stories because of their belief in the power of imagination!

Paul Van Camp / Movie Specialist

Pete Rafaelson Song Writer/Producer

Peter Rafaelson recommends “Neverland Rascals.” He has written and produced many successful songs, appearing on over 300 million records sold, inluding the #1 hit “Open Your Heart” for Madonna (29 million) as well as top ten singles for Stevie Nicks Britney Spears and more. Find out more in the video..